Bestseller Secrets 4 x DVD Set:

Our 12-step strategy that keeps turning our clients’ books into Amazon bestsellers!
Includes templates for the exact same sales letters and emails that we use… Turbo-charge your book sales with this one-day seminar recording.

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Self-Publishing Secrets 4 x DVD Set:

Prepare to make a massive success of self-publishing – including print-on-demand, e-books and Kindle. Find out why the e-book revolution is helping so many authors sell 100+ books per day. £97

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Publishing Secrets 3 x DVD Set:

Discover which publishing strategies are best for you and your book. Find out how to get a literary agent. Learn whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is best for you. Find out all about Kindle and e-book publishing. This seminar recording helps you get instant clarity! £97

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Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors 12 x DVD Set:

12 millionaire authors share their ‘set it and forget it’ strategies for selling thousands of books, e-books and Kindle books on auto-pilot. Get ready for spectacular success by following these strategies unveiled during of our 3-day bootcamp. £247
How To Hook An Agent Manual (182 pages):

Fed up with rejection letters from literary agents and publishers? Find out the RIGHT way to pitch your book with these simple tricks! Includes templates for the exact same letters and emails that we use… £47

More info: www.richwriterpoorwriter.com/hookanagent

How To Make £100K From EBooks 7 x DVD Set:

Learn the secrets to making six figures from e-books with New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Mark Anastasi. Mark has launched 28 e-books bringing in $1 million a year working from home. £297
Bumper DVD Bundle:

Perfect for truly committed authors who want amazing results fast.
Get all five DVD Sets and Manual for a whopping £500+ Savings!
£882 £347
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