“You freaking rock! I have been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life and been to every business development seminar I could get to, but today blew me away with value add, creativity and sheer genius.”
Tracey Carr, www.tracey-carr.co.uk
"Awesome! There were so many great ideas and game changers that I learnt over the 3 days ... The 26 hours of flying from and back to Asia is worth it!" 
Ren Jan Liow, www.marketinghalal.com.my
"Since launching my book two weeks ago, I have received 47 newspaper, radio and magazine reports -  this Wednesday a TV show. YOU HAVE BEEN A GREAT HELP AND SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!"
John J May, author of The Origin of Specious Nonsense
“I had my book campaign for 'Broken Oath' yesterday... I am at the top of the chart of book sales marked #1, which means I am now a bestselling author. I am so pleased and over the moon. Thank you for all you have done for me in making this real.”
Dora Martin, bestselling author of Broken Oath
“Finally settling back home in America after the best weekend of my life - shhh, don't tell my husband ... Thank you so much for allowing me to join you!!!”
Richelle Tamu Shaw, author of The Million Dollar Equation
"Karla’s got her first interview tomorrow with BBC news. Also, SKY News to follow and maybe GMTV. Without your help, this wouldn't have been possible. You’ve been an inspiration. We’re so grateful." 
Pat Winters, PR consultant, London
“I'd be hard pressed to say when last I attended such a high-octane bootcamp, where priceless information was coming so fast that it was virtually impossible to write it all down ... It ranks as one of the most profitable turning points of my life." 
Mercedes Leal, www.mercedesleal.com
“I really appreciate your support, you've assisted me to manifest my dreams. Wow, I'm soooo excited about my future and sharing what I've learned within my journey. Yippee, yippee, yippee!”    - Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc, author of Lone Parenthood
"Stephanie Hale is a fantastic literary consultant: not only can she advise on how to improve a manuscript, but her knowledge of the book industry is second to none. Last year, I had a novel but no idea about how to get it published. Within weeks of speaking to Stephanie, I was taken on by a top literary agent. The Oxford Literary Consultancy is the best in the UK - don't go anywhere else."
Louise Soraya Black, Aurora Metro Literary Prize winner for Pomegranate Sky.
"I have a five book contract from Hodder, and my daughter is on the cusp of a book deal. (She has an agent after following your advice in your ‘Get an Agent’ course). We found your advice invaluable, especially the advice about creating social networking interest. Her agent told her that her web presence and web profile was the main factor in taking her on – something we would not have known about had we not attended your workshop."
Karen Mannering, author of Get The Career You Want
“Within the first hour, my book surged on Amazon rankings… and jumped into the Poetry Top 100 at 92.
Wow! This stuff really works! Thanks a million – your advice is fantastic.”
Ros Barber, author of Material and The Marlowe Papers
“Someone in Hollywood has taken up the option and will be going ahead with The Nightmare Man on American TV…”
David Wiltshire, author of A Time of Love, A Time of War
“With The Oxford Literary Consultancy's support I've now found a literary agent to represent me, and I'm certain none of this would have been achieved without their support, and some well-considered advice. The Oxford Literary Consultancy is very professional, but it's also friendly and easily approachable. I can't imagine that I'll ever submit a book to my agent until I've run it past Stephanie Hale and her team.”
John Kitchen, author of A Spectre in the Stones
"I had the pleasure of having Stephanie read and critique my young adult manuscript as well as generously offer savvy marketing tips about how to find an agent. Three months later, I have now been picked up by a publishing house and my debut novel is being released this year!
I am over the moon and wholeheartedly recommend any new author to use Stephanie. What makes her unique is not just her inside knowledge about the publishing industry but also her understanding of how to combine this with online marketing tips which ALL authors should know."
Hannah Davis, author of Voices of Angels.
“Having started the year as an unpublished writer with not much more than the germ of an idea for a children's book, I now have a finished book, an agent and at least one interested publisher - all thanks to the Oxford Literary Consultancy. I genuinely could not have got this far without the advice and support I've received. The Consultancy has a great deal of expertise and knows its business very well, and I'd recommend its services to any new writers who really want to know where they stand."
S.L. Powell, author of 50:50
“Simply invaluable. Your constructive criticism has allowed me to improve the weaker aspects of my work. Your encouragement has made it possible for me to finish my first novel, and I feel enthusiastic about it. As well as your high professionalism, I found that your human touch made a difference. Both helped me gain confidence in my writing.”
Martina Munzittu, author of A Deal with a Stranger.
“The world of publishing was a scary place for me, full of people bound to say 'no' before they'd even read a word of my novel. I felt lost, lonely and close to giving up before I'd even tried. Oxford Literary Consultancy has guided me through the process of turning an idea into a product. Stephanie Hale's [How to Hook An Agent in 7 Days] has opened my eyes. This course has helped me to work step by step towards a submission package which looks and feels professional and now I feel I have the confidence to 'sell' my work.”
Anna Pitt, author of ‘101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free’
“Having reached the stage where my whole novel was read by two different publishers, my elation turned sour when both rejected it. Each cited conflicting reasons. It was Stephanie Hale who encouraged me, saying that it was probably just differing 'house styles' and suggested I look at her excellent guide, 'How to Hook an Agent in 7 Days’.
I rewrote my covering letter in keeping with her advice - showing the book's marketability - and was signed by my publisher on the very next submission I made. I wholeheartedly, recommend Stephanie and oxfordwriters.com. Go to the best, your book deserves it”
Roger A. Price, author of By Their Rules.
“On the Author Central page, I got data that my book is a #1 ranking paperback book on 26th August. According to Amazon, if a paperback book has a rank of #1, it is the bestselling book in the book store!”
Charlotte Jones, author of The Enchanted Grandfather's Clock.
“Just heard back from Rider that they are going to acquire my book, Yaaaaay and I wanted you to be amongst the first to know!!! (I've not even told my mum yet…) 

Your invaluable guidance has helped so much to get me to this very exciting stage with my absolute first choice of publisher.”
David Hare – Bhudda in Me, Bhudda in You

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